10 Recommendations for Natural Tourism in West Kalimantan and Mileage from Pontianak City


10 Recommendations for Natural Tourism in West Kalimantan and Mileage from Pontianak City

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Lemukutan Island Bengkayang
Lemukutan Island Bengkayang,- FOTO/FB Wisata Pulau Lemukutan.

KALBAR SATU – 10 Recommendations for Natural Attractions in West Kalimantan have a lot of beauty. Starting from the popular even the latest places. Some places are very suitable to be a vacation destination.

Speaking of nature tourism, it seems like there will be no end. Because there are so many. This time will review 10 natural attractions in West Kalimantan that you can visit when the holidays arrive.

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Here are 10 Natural Attractions in West Kalimantan that should be used as a list of vacation spots summarized kalbarsatu.id, Thursday, November 25, 2021.

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1. Tanjung Bajau Singkawang

The first 10 natural attractions in West Kalimantan named Tanjung Bajau. This is one of the popular and must-visit tours. It is located in Singkawang City.

Tanjung Bajau presents the concept of fresh and natural tourism with a combination of beaches and mountains. Google Maps Tanjung Bajau Singkawang.

2. Riam Madi Bengkayang

Furthermore, 10 Natural Attractions in West Kalimantan are Riam Madi. This place is a river located in Bengkayang Regency.

The tourists nicknamed this place is a very important source of water for the community. The entrance price is quite cheap and does not cost money. Google Maps Riam Madi Bengkayang.

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3. Pasir Panjang Singkawang

This place is in the Singkawang area, one of which is Pasir Panjang Singkawang. This tourist spot is already widely known in West Kalimantan.

There are also many tourists who come to this beach. Since long ago until now this place is very enjoyed by visitors because it is strategically located and has its own attractions. Google Maps Pasir Panjang Singkawang.

4. Lemukutan Island Bengkayang

Becomes one of the most beautiful places from 10 Natural Attractions of West Kalimantan. This island is often visited by local tourists and outside Kalimantan.

This island is not far from Singkawang City which is about 1 to 2 hours distance that must be traveled by motorboat. Google Maps Lemukutan Islan Bengkayang.

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5. Temajuk Sambas

Next there is Temajuk Sambas beach which is included in 10 Natural Attractions in West Kalimantan. Temajuk name may still be very foreign to travelers in Indonesia. This small village located right on the tail of the island of Kalimantan has a world-class tourist destination.

For the people there, the name Temajuk seems to be a tourist magnet. Primadona mainstay of Sambas Regency, never even break up tourist visits both local and neighboring Malaysia. Google Maps Temajuk Sambas.

6. Lake Sentarum Kapuas Hulu

Lake Sentarum National Park in Kapuas Hulu Regency is no doubt its beauty. The lake has an area of about 132,000 hectares. This lake can also accommodate flood flows throughout West Kalimantan. Google Maps Lake Sentarum Kapuas Hulu.

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7. Bukit Kelam Sintang

Bukit Kelam is more precisely located in Kelam Permai District 20 km from Sintang City, or about 390 km from Pontianak. This place is located between 2 major rivers namely Melawi River and Kapuas River. This dark hill is a rock that stretches from east to west. Google Maps Bukit Kelam Sintang.

8. Mempawah Mangrove Forest

When we were sitting in school, we must have heard of plant forests that are able to prevent erosion and abrasion of the beach.

Mangrove forests have efficient roots in protecting in coastal areas, so they can be a protector of soil erosion due to water. In Sumpawa there are mangrove conservation plants, namely Mempawah Mangrove Park. Google Maps Mempawah Mangrove Forest.

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9. Kapuas Pontianak Square

The name Kapuas Square is one of the park tourist sites in the city of Pontianak. It is located in a strategic place that is in the middle of Pontianak City. This park is visited by many local people. The opening hours of this place start from 06.00 WIB – 20.00 WIB. Google Maps Kapuas Pontianak Square.

10. Riam Bedawat

Furthermore, the last 10 natural attractions in West Kalimantan are Riam Bedawat. This place is in Dange Aji Village, Air Besar Subdistrict, Hedgehog Regency, West Kalimantan.

Bedawat Waterfall is also commonly called Bedawat waterfall has 7 levels that are so beautiful. The atmosphere of tropical forests and cool air will make tourists comfortable while there. Googel Maps Riam Bedawat Landak.

That’s the writing of 10 recommendations for natural tourism in West Kalimantan and there is mileage from the city of Pontianak.

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