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Pemilu 2024

The Growth Of Live Online Casinos In Asia


The Growth Of Live Online Casinos In Asia

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KALBAR SATU ID – Asia is among the largest consumers of online gambling, and recent statistics show that the live casino segment is growing much faster than the software-operated bit.

Everything from the legalization of gambling in most states to the availability of cheaper gaming options and the relentlessly engaging style gives punters a chance to interact with this gaming option.

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Of course, the covid-19 pandemic has a significant role in the growth of live gambling on the internet. But, other factors contribute to the growth of this niche. Learn more information below.

Versatility in live casino games

The game’s catalog was rather dismal when online casinos introduced live gaming. Software providers tested the waters to see if the concept would pick up as expected. So, they did not provide multiple live-gambling software to their clients.

Once the idea took off successfully, these entities engaged better developers to help create better visuals to cater to the increasing demand for this gaming variable. Today, gamblers can play live poker, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and craps in their chosen casino.

The icing on the cake is the availability of multiple live casino tables online. This allows thousands of players to join in the fun simultaneously. Click here for live casino online Asia guide.

Legalization of gambling in Asian countries

China is among the first countries in Asia to provide top-notch live casino gaming in the region. The famous license and gaming regulatory board Macau has its headquarters in this area. It wasn’t until gambling was legalized in this area that significant growth was experienced.

Thailand is another place that allows its members to play live casino games on the internet unrestrictively. Other countries that follow this pattern are Singapore, India, and the Philippines. However, a region like India has some contention regarding this matter.

Most provinces operate under the rule of their provincial government as far as gambling is concerned. Nevertheless, areas that permit this activity have seen an influx in the number of bettors joining the wagering community, seeing that land-based gambling is somewhat contentious in the area.

Evolution-gaming’s involvement

Evolution Gaming recently bought out its rival NetEnt. This move increased Evolution’s control over the gaming world, more so in the live gaming section. Considering that Evolution is a mogul offering the most reliable live gaming software around the globe, this niche is bound to enjoy better services thanks to this acquisition.

Availability of cheaper gadgets

The availability of cheap gadgets was a thorn in the flesh for internet casinos and players. A decade ago, few companies ventured into this niche, making mobile devices and desktops relatively expensive. As more investors ventured into this production line, the availability of smartphones and cheaper laptops increased.

Consequently, more players got a chance to join internet casinos from their homes, workplaces, and other non-restrictive locations. The mobility of casinos was the groundbreaking technology that steered live casino gaming to the next level. Competition between the available manufacturers contributed to the increase in better technology as far as clear cameras and faster gadgets are concerned.


Traditional gambling was a painstaking affair, considering punters had to dig deep into their pockets to support their habits. Aside from the exorbitantly high minimum wagering caps in land-based casinos, players had to contend with side shows like buying food and drinks during gaming sessions. This deal also included paying for hotel rooms and catering for transport costs.

As soon as live casinos took to the internet, the dynamics changed. Players did not have to pay so much to play their favorite casino game. This allowed them to extend their bankroll and enjoy more gambling sessions. The mobile casinos also significantly reduced gamblers’ expenditure since they did not have to leave their homes to wager, meaning additional, unnecessary expenses were slashed out of the gamer’s budget.

Relentless engagement style

One of the main reasons players enjoy live casino gaming is because they interact with real people in real time. Software-controlled games were interesting and available in numbers, making them irresistible to the wagering community. However, players accustomed to playing live games in land-based casinos craved something more engaging.

The availability of live casino games on the internet caters to this need. More Asian gamers do not have to source for brick-and-mortar casinos in their jurisdiction to enjoy live games. They only have to find casino providers that offer a live-gambling section, and they’re good to go.

The engagement style makes betting more exciting, making players more susceptible to gambling. Regions with restrictive gambling regulations, like selective provinces in India, saw even more growth. The oppressive rules forced players to find alternative options for engaging in live gaming activities.

Integration of crypto casinos

Payment options were always a headache for gamblers over the internet. Local banks gave Asian punters, especially those in gambling-restricted regions, a hard time. Gamblers using fiat currencies would have to count their losses if they won some money. Punters wouldn’t access the funds once the casino established they reside in regions that criminalize gambling.

Introducing cryptocurrencies into the live-gaming niche makes it easier for wager enthusiasts to enjoy gambling activities without being traced. Since blockchain technology is virtually untraceable, most casinos can’t restrict players from Asian countries that are yet to legalize live casino gambling.

Aside from the anonymity, players also enjoy full benefits from their gambling profits when they use this option because their governments aren’t able to grab a share of this pie.


Live casino gambling in Asia has taken a different route, thanks to the globalization of gambling activities. Software providers have leverage in this area since most countries already allow gambling within their jurisdictions. Those who haven’t legalized online wagering also can’t prosecute gamblers since their laws do not have a section that discusses it.

The long-standing stifling laws have led most Asians to move to engage in live casino games on the internet instead of traveling to brick-and-mortar casinos. This is mostly because land-based casinos are limited in number and sparsely populated.

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